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Personal Details

VMG10501 (Polekar)
Date of Birth 08-09-1989
Gender Male
Hindu (Caste) 96 Kuli Maratha
Height 5ft 10in
Blood Group
Complexion Fair
Spectacle No
Lens No
Marital Status Never Married
Mother Tounge Marathi
Disabilities / Handicapped No
Registration Date 02-09-2017
Education and Occupation
Education BE E&TC
Occupation Job at TCS
Occupation Place Pune Income 8,00,000 Yearly
Birth Time Hours---AM Gotra / Devak / Marglyach Kad
Birth Place Mangal No
Rashi / Nakshatra / Charan / Nadi / Gan:  Vrischika,  ,  ,  ,  Rakshas Gan
Family Background
Father Yes Mother Yes
Brothers 0/0 Married Sisters 2/0 Married
Parents Residing In Pune Native Place Pune
Mama's Surname Jogade Mama's Place Pune
Relatives Karale, Sutar, Alande, Satpute
Family Wealth
Expectations About Partner
Hindu (Caste) 96 Kuli Marital Status Never Married
Age Difference 5 Year Expected Height 5ft 04in +
Education BE, MBA, Graduation
Occupation Job
Income 30,000 Monthly Mangal No
Preferred Cities
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