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Personal Details

VMB10113 (Jadhav)
Date of Birth 19-04-1985
Gender Female
Hindu (Caste) Maratha
Height 5ft 01in
Blood Group B+
Complexion Fair
Spectacle No
Lens No
Marital Status Never Married
Mother Tounge Marathi
Disabilities / Handicapped No
Registration Date 04-01-2017
Education and Occupation
Education BSC MCM
Occupation Software Developer, Cognizant Pune
Occupation Place Pune Income 6,80,000 Yearly
Birth Time 07-35--AM Gotra / Devak / Pankanis
Birth Place Karmala Mangal
Rashi / Nakshatra / Charan / Nadi / Gan:  Meen,  ,  ,  ,  
Family Background
Father Yes Mother Yes
Brothers 1/1 Married Sisters 1/1 Married
Parents Residing In Pune Native Place Solapur
Mama's Surname Barkund Mama's Place Solapur
Relatives Kakade, Phand, Labade, Walekar, Kadam, Kale-Patil, Gund-Patil, Sakapl
Family Wealth
Expectations About Partner
Hindu (Caste) Maratha Marital Status Never Married
Age Difference Expected Height 5ft 04in +
Income Monthly Mangal
Preferred Cities
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