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Reg ID Birth Date Height Education Residence Occupation
VMG11771 19-12-1990 5ft 07in MBA Pune Team Lead Digital Marketing, Pune
VMG11770 05-11-1990 5ft 11in BE (E&TC), MSc (Physics) Belgaum Principal at Shri Venkateshwara P U College, Belgaum
VMG11769 30-08-1993 5ft 08in BE (E&TC) Pune Business, Pune
VMG11755 22-03-1991 5ft 08in M Tech (Computer Engineering) Pune Senior Software Engineer, Pune
VMG11689 21-09-1992 5ft 06in BE Pune Software Engineer at L&T Technology, Pune
VMG11650 13-07-1990 5ft 09in MBA Pune Business
VMG11649 14-12-1988 5ft 09in BE Civil Kolhapur Govt Contractor, Consultant
VMG11648 10-03-1985 5ft 04in B Pharma, LLB Mumbai Suburban Service, Mumbai
VMG11645 16-05-1989 5ft 04in MCA Pune Senior Software Developer, Pune
VMG11644 16-01-1993 5ft 05in Bachelor of Design Kolhapur Project Engineer, Pune
VMG11632 15-09-1991 5ft 06in BE Mechanical Pune Job at Royal Engg, Pune
VMG11631 19-04-1989 5ft 08in B Sc, LLB, LLM, DCIPRI, DCCI Pune Lawyer, Pune
VMG11618 18-08-1984 5ft 05in BE Parbhani Software Engineer, Pune
VMG11614 08-02-1993 5ft 09in Hotel Management Pune Job
VMG11613 01-07-1993 5ft 06in M Tech Sangli RTO Inspector (AMVI)
VMG11610 06-01-1991 5ft 06in MBA Vadodara Sr HR Executive (Lead HR) at Helios Solutions, Vadodara
VMG11609 22-06-1992 5ft 10in BE (Mechanical) Pune Business
VMG11607 30-11-1993 5ft 08in BE (Mechanical) Osmanabad Job, Pune
VMG11606 12-01-1992 5ft 03in BE (Mechanical), M Tech (Energy Tech) Kolhapur Energy Auditor at Encosym solutions Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
VMG11605 05-12-1992 5ft 06in BE (Chemical) Vadodara Job, Ankleshwar, Vadodara
VMG11604 14-02-1992 5ft 04in BE (E&TC) Pune PLC Enginner, Pune
VMG11601 05-05-1994 6ft 01in BE (E&TC) Pune Business
VMG11597 07-07-1988 5ft 06in PhD (E&TC Engineering) Pune Professor at Engineering College, Pune
VMG11593 11-12-1993 6ft 00in B Com, LLB, NCCMP Mumbai-City Advocate, Bombay High Court, Mumbai
VMG11588 17-05-1989 5ft 07in BE (E&TC) Pune Network Engineer, Wipro Technologies, Pune
VMG11587 04-05-1991 5ft 04in BE (Electronic ) MBA Pune Senior Officer, Persistent System Ltd, Pune
VMG11581 18-09-1988 5ft 07in M Tech ( Food Technology) Jalgaon Job at Dr Ulhas Patil College, Jalgaon
VMG11574 02-07-1990 5ft 05in BE (Mechanical) Latur Mechanical Engineer, Mumbai
VMG11567 18-07-1990 5ft 04in BAMS, PGDEMS Ahmednagar Practice, Ahmednagar
VMG11565 16-05-1990 5ft 05in BA Pune Govt Service at Water Resources Department, Pune
VMG11559 22-02-1991 5ft 07in BE (IT) Pune Software Engineer at Vodafone (MNC), Pune
VMG11556 01-02-1987 5ft 11in Chartered Accountant Kolhapur Atul Patil & Associates, Kolhapur
VMG11554 07-08-1992 5ft 04in BAMS, MS, CCH Kolhapur Practice at Own Clinic, Kolhapur
VMG11553 15-02-1992 5ft 06in BE (E&TC) Satara Job at GTT Communications, Pune
VMG11552 17-10-1991 5ft 02in BE (Electronics) Pune Software Engineer at TIBCO Software, Pune
VMG11547 01-06-1990 5ft 09in BE (Chemical) Solapur Senior Executive at SRF Ltd, Gujarat
VMG11546 28-09-1992 5ft 07in BE (Mechanical) Satara Job at Metafold Engineering Pvt Ltd, Pune
VMG11544 14-09-1989 5ft 09in MBA (Marketing), B Com Pune Business
VMG11543 17-03-1990 5ft 05in M Com, CA (Pursuing) Kolhapur Govt Service at MSEB, Kolhapur
VMG11542 16-06-1992 6ft 01in M Tech (Mechanical Design Engineering) Kolhapur Design Engineer, Kolhapur
VMG11538 13-11-1990 6ft 00in BE Mechanical, M Tech CAD CAM Kolhapur Job as Designer Engineer and Own Business, Kolhapur
VMG11535 25-02-1990 5ft 07in MBA (IT) Pune Enterprise Account Manager at Rahi Systems, Pune
VMG11534 17-06-1989 5ft 08in M Tech (E&TC) Latur Assistant Professor, Latur
VMG11532 08-02-1992 5ft 09in MBA (Finance), B Com Ahmednagar Designation Specialist at State Street HCL, Pune
VMG11529 12-11-1988 5ft 06in MBA Pune Executive, Germany
VMG11526 04-04-1987 5ft 08in Bachelor in Fine Arts Kolhapur Focus Graphic, Ichalkaranji
VMG11524 26-03-1991 5ft 07in Diploma Hyderabad Urban Job at BHEL, Hyderabad (PSU, Govt of India)
VMG11520 29-11-1990 5ft 07in Interior Designing Pune Interior Designer, Pune
VMG11510 27-03-1990 5ft 06in B Tech (Mechanical) ME (Design) Sangli Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engg, Pune
VMG11507 03-03-1996 5ft 07in BE (Electronics) Pune Work at IT Industry, Pune
VMG11505 11-10-1988 5ft 05in B Sc (Electronics) Pune Manufacturing Supervisor at Innovative Solutions, Pune
VMG11504 31-10-1989 5ft 04in MCA Pune Software Engineer, Pune
VMG11498 28-02-1987 5ft 04in MBA (Retail Management), BHMCT (Hotel Management) Pune Job at Doehler India, Pune
VMG11493 03-12-1988 5ft 07in B Com, LLB, CS Pune Legal Manager & CS, Pune
VMG11491 09-03-1987 5ft 03in DMLT Pune Lab Technician at N M Medical, Pune
VMG11490 28-05-1990 5ft 08in BE (Mechanical) Navi Mumbai Senior Manager, Mumbai
VMG11487 04-10-1986 5ft 09in BE Mechanical Pune Pra Company, Bhosari, Pune
VMG11486 14-07-1983 5ft 08in B Sc (Computer) Pune IT Engineer, Pune
VMG11485 14-12-1989 5ft 10in BE (IT) Pune Senior Software Engineer, Wipro Ltd, Pune
VMG11484 18-09-1992 6ft 02in Engineer Satara Central Government Officer, New Delhi
VMG11479 06-04-1989 5ft 08in MBA (Hotel Management) Raigad Senior Duty Manager at The Water Stones Hotel, Mumbai
VMG11475 29-09-1989 5ft 09in ME (Mechanical) Satara Merchant Navy, Shipping Corporation of India, Central Govt Undertaking
VMG11473 22-08-1992 5ft 06in BE Computer (SAP) Kolhapur Working at Abhiyanta India Ltd, Pune
VMG11469 12-10-1991 5ft 11in BAMS, MD (Ayurvedic Medicine) Buldhana Doctor at Shri Gajanan Hospital, Chakan, Pune
VMG11468 08-10-1992 6ft 01in BE (Mechanical) Satara Working in Private Sector as Quality Engineer, Satara
VMG11467 27-01-1990 5ft 11in BE (Computer) Pune Software Developer at Firstcry.com, Pune
VMG11465 22-03-1986 5ft 07in BE (Mechanical) Satara Senior Quality Officer, Flash Electronics Pvt Ltd, Pune
VMG11462 19-06-1991 5ft 08in BCA (Software Engineer) Thane Deputy Manager, Mumbai
VMG11451 09-06-1988 5ft 04in DMLT Pune Lab Technician, Pune
VMG11449 27-06-1992 5ft 08in BE (Mechanical) Kolhapur Quality Engineer at Hind Gear Industries, Kolhapur
VMG11447 03-12-1990 5ft 11in BE, MS (Computer) Pune Job at SAP, San Francisco,USA
VMG11444 25-02-1991 5ft 08in B Sc (Animation and Visual Effects} Pune Business, Pune
VMG11442 06-01-1989 5ft 08in BE (E&TC) Pune Consultant Field
VMG11440 21-06-1991 5ft 06in BE (Computer) Nashik Solution Architect
VMG11438 05-08-1989 5ft 11in BBA, MBA (Finance) Pune Job & Business
VMG11432 03-04-1986 5ft 08in B Sc, PGDMLT, MBA Solapur Government Service & Business
VMG11431 02-02-1989 5ft 06in BE (Production Engineer) Pune Job at Europa Welmade Locking Systems Pvt Ltd
VMG11430 17-09-1993 5ft 10in BE (IT) Solapur Job at Tata Consultancy Services
VMG11429 09-11-1994 5ft 06in BE (Mechanical) Satara Job at Digital Marketing Company
VMG11426 24-12-1991 5ft 06in BE (Mechanical), MS (Industrial) Pune Manufacturing Engineer
VMG11423 21-04-1991 5ft 01in Diploma Engineering Thane Private Job
VMG11422 15-02-1990 5ft 07in BE (Chemical) Thane Assistant Manager at Cipla Ltd
VMG11415 15-10-1991 5ft 11in BE (Computer), MBA (Finance) Mumbai-City Job
VMG11413 29-11-1988 5ft 09in B Pharma Amravati Pharmacist at Amravati Munciple Corporation
VMG11410 30-08-1989 5ft 07in BE (IT), MBA (Marketing ) Nashik Business Development Officer
VMG11409 10-11-1992 6ft 00in B Tech Pune Software Engineer
VMG11407 10-11-1990 5ft 10in M Tech (E&TC) Kolhapur Embedded Software Developer
VMG11402 30-01-1993 5ft 09in ME (E&TC) Solapur Job at IBM
VMG11401 17-04-1992 5ft 08in B Sc (Physics), MBA (Finance & Marketing) Sangli Business, Surya Agrovet, Shiv Parvati Roadlines
VMG11400 07-03-1988 5ft 08in B Sc, MCA, DBA Kolhapur Software Engineer at Parker & Co, Pune
VMG11399 10-10-1993 6ft 03in BE (Mechanical) Mumbai Suburban Job at Flipkart Logistics in Quality Department
VMG11398 14-02-1994 5ft 05in BE (Computer), C-DAC Pune Software Engineer
VMG11395 29-12-1991 5ft 08in BE (Computer) Pune Software Engineer at Cognizant
VMG11393 03-04-1991 5ft 06in BE (Software Engineer) Solapur Job at Amami Gas Agency
VMG11391 18-03-1992 5ft 06in B Com Pune Business
VMG11388 17-03-1990 5ft 09in BBA, PGDMM, 4 Certifications in Digital Marketing Pune Founder VVB, Digital Marketing Manager
VMG11381 19-04-1991 5ft 09in BE (Mechanical) Sangli Testing Engineer - QA
VMG11379 13-10-1986 5ft 08in B Sc (Agri), M Sc (Environment Science) Kolhapur Safety Officer
VMG11374 06-07-1989 5ft 08in MBA, M Com, BAF Mumbai-City Job at MNC
VMG11372 14-11-1987 5ft 06in Post Graduate Diploma in Transportation Design Pune Automotive Designer
VMG11369 27-07-1982 5ft 08in BE (Chemical) Pune Job at MNC
VMG11367 19-09-1988 5ft 07in BE (Mechanical) Kolhapur Job at Posco Steel India
VMG11366 07-05-1994 5ft 08in BE (Mechanical Engineer) Pune Job at Bharat Forge Ltd
VMG11365 19-09-1988 5ft 06in M Sc (Biotechnology) Sangli Job at Biopharmaceutical Company
VMG11362 24-03-1989 5ft 09in MCA, BCA, BA Solapur Computer Teacher
VMG11356 07-09-1989 5ft 09in M Sc (Instrumentation) Jalgaon Job at Fox Solution
VMG11343 01-08-1991 5ft 08in BE (Civil) Mumbai-City Senior Technical Manager at Aavas finance
VMG11340 16-07-1986 5ft 04in MS (IT) Pune Engineer, Melbourne, Australia
VMG11338 17-09-1992 5ft 05in BE (Mechanical Engineering) Pune Automobile Engineer
VMG11330 13-04-1993 5ft 11in BE (Mechanical) Kolhapur Quality Engineer
VMG11321 08-03-1989 5ft 06in BCA, PGDBM Satara Assistant Manager Operations
VMG11320 02-09-1988 6ft 00in MCA, BCS Pune Software Engineer
VMG11319 19-05-1985 5ft 07in BE (E&TC) Pune Software Test Engineer
VMG11318 12-11-1988 5ft 06in BE (Mechanical), MBA Pune Job at Volkswagen, Germany
VMG11310 29-09-1984 5ft 07in Diploma Engineering Thane Business
VMG11309 26-11-1988 5ft 08in BE (Civil), DCE Sindudurg Senior Engineer
VMG11308 09-03-1991 5ft 05in B Pharma Latur Certified Medical Coder
VMG11307 24-08-1987 5ft 05in BE Pune Self Employed
VMG11306 09-09-1990 5ft 06in BBA, MBA (Marketing) Nashik Assistant Manager at Bajaj Finance Ltd
VMG11305 29-10-1989 5ft 06in Company Secretary, B Com Kolhapur Practice at Own CA Firm
VMG11304 11-04-1988 5ft 07in Chartered Accountant Pune Practice, Own CA Firm
VMG11303 14-06-1991 5ft 08in MCA Pune QA Engineer
VMG11298 04-02-1991 6ft 01in BMS, MMS Mumbai-City Job at Jenson's Industries Ltd
VMG11296 31-01-1989 5ft 10in MBBS, DCH, FCPS Satara Resident Doctor at B J Wadiya College
VMG11295 15-06-1992 5ft 08in BE (Instrumentation) Thane Engineer at Honeywell Pvt Ltd
VMG11294 01-11-1989 5ft 11in BE (Mechanical) Pune Product Design Engineer
VMG11291 02-07-1991 5ft 07in Diploma in Civil Engineering Pune Job
VMG11290 15-03-1990 6ft 02in BE (IT) Pune Job
VMG11288 27-01-1990 5ft 04in MBA Satara Business (Pharmaceuticals)
VMG11287 07-07-1988 5ft 06in M Tech (E&TC), PhD Pune Assistant Professor
VMG11282 12-09-1990 5ft 06in BE (E&TC), NIIT Diploma in DSN Mumbai-City Associate Consultant
VMG11276 11-12-1988 6ft 00in BE (E&TC) Pune Software Engineer
VMG11275 24-03-1989 5ft 09in B Com Pune Business
VMG11273 29-07-1991 5ft 09in BE (Mechanical) Sangli Business
VMG11271 27-11-1992 6ft 01in BE (Computer), M Tech (Pursuing) Pune Senior Software Engineer
VMG11270 28-04-1989 5ft 07in B Pharma Thane Job at Congnizant Technology Solutions
VMG11268 20-08-1991 5ft 07in M Com, MBA (Finance), CA (Intern) Nashik Business, Surya Steel
VMG11263 23-08-1991 5ft 08in BE (Mechanical) Kolhapur Design Engineer, Cubuilt Engineers Pvt Ltd
VMG11262 03-07-1991 5ft 06in BE Computer Beed Senior Software Engineer, Open Insights LLP
VMG11258 26-06-1993 5ft 07in BE (E&TC) Pune Senior Engineer at Syngenta
VMG11257 01-01-1993 5ft 06in Diploma (E&TC) Pune Yazaki India Pvt Ltd, Pune
VMG11255 10-06-1989 5ft 08in MBA Pune Job
VMG11251 22-12-1988 5ft 06in BAMS, MS (Gynaecologist) Satara Practice, Own Hospital
VMG11250 04-01-1990 5ft 07in B Pharma Satara Job at Cipla
VMG11247 27-07-1991 5ft 07in BE (E&TC) Pune Own Business
VMG11244 28-10-1990 5ft 05in BE, MBA Pune Job at Marketdigits
VMG11241 18-10-1982 5ft 10in BE, MBA Nashik IT Project Manager
VMG11228 14-10-1987 5ft 06in B Sc, MBA Latur Food Supply Inspector, Govt of Maharashtra
VMG11220 30-11-1991 5ft 08in M Com Pune Job
VMG11219 21-01-1993 5ft 09in BE (Mechanical Engineer) Pune Sales & Application Engineeer at Reich India Pvt Ltd
VMG11215 28-11-1992 5ft 09in BHMS Pune Practice, Own Clinic
VMG11212 24-05-1985 5ft 10in B Sc, MCA, PGDCA Kolhapur Software Engineer in PT Services Pvt Ltd
VMG11199 02-11-1985 5ft 09in MBBS, MS (General Surgery) Solapur Practice at Own Hospital
VMG11193 04-01-1987 5ft 10in HMCT, MBA Nashik Manager at Bajaj Allianz
VMG11190 16-06-1984 5ft 08in BAMS Solapur Govt Service, Community Health Officer, Pune
VMG11187 11-01-1982 5ft 07in B Sc, Diploma in Instrumentation Engineering Nagpur Marine Survey Engineer
VMG11185 03-01-1991 5ft 03in BE (E&TC) Pune Job in Private Company
VMG11180 01-10-1990 5ft 09in BE, M Tech (Mechanical) Pune Job at John Deere Pvt Ltd
VMG11173 21-08-1991 5ft 08in BE, ME (E&TC) Pune Job in IT Company
VMG11171 30-10-1991 5ft 11in M Tech (Mechanical), CAD-CAM Sangli CAE Engineer at Zeus Numerix Pvt Ltd
VMG11170 10-04-1991 5ft 08in B Tech (E&TC), MBA (Finance) Sangli Software Engineer at Tieto India Pvt Ltd
VMG11169 14-03-1990 6ft 01in BE (E&TC), MS Solapur Job at California, USA
VMG11164 06-05-1989 6ft 02in MA (Gold Medalist) NET Qualified, Sangeet Visharad Pune Teacher & National Artist (Music)
VMG11161 30-09-1990 5ft 05in BAMS Pune Practice, Own Clinic
VMG11159 17-03-1990 5ft 05in M Com Kolhapur Job at MSEB Department
VMG11158 09-10-1990 5ft 02in BE (Computer) Pune Software Engineer
VMG11157 11-09-1990 5ft 05in BE (Mechanical Engineer) Pune Working as Design Engineer
VMG11155 18-09-1985 5ft 09in B Com Pune G C Jaswante & Co, Tax Consultant
VMG11154 18-01-1991 5ft 10in BE (Mechanical Engineer) Pune Production Manager
VMG11153 28-06-1989 6ft 00in D Pharma, B Sc (Chemistry) Kolhapur Working as Business Executive in Pharmaceutical Company
VMG11152 26-05-1990 5ft 06in BE (Computer) Pune Working in Software Company
VMG11147 08-10-1989 5ft 04in BE (Civil), Interior Designing Kolhapur Partner at S&S Engineers and Interior Designer
VMG11144 19-07-1989 5ft 11in M SC (Computer Science) Pune At Capgemini, Hinjewadi
VMG11136 30-06-1990 5ft 06in B Sc (IT) Mumbai-City Software Engineer at Loud Cloud Systems
VMG11134 21-08-1988 5ft 09in B Com, Specialization in Animation Pune Service
VMG11127 06-02-1988 5ft 05in B Sc Pune Medical Representative
VMG11122 10-07-1993 5ft 10in BE (Civil) Kolhapur Matoshree Constructions & Interior Designing
VMG11121 29-11-1987 5ft 06in B Com Mumbai-City Team Leader at Private Company
VMG11119 27-05-1988 5ft 08in BE (Computer Science) Sangli Job at Infosys
VMG11117 05-11-1989 6ft 00in MCA Belgaum Software Engineer
VMG11114 21-04-1991 5ft 06in BE (E&TC) Pune Job in IT Sector
VMG11108 25-01-1989 5ft 11in M Tech (Civil) Mumbai Suburban City Coordinator, Urban Development Department Maharashtra
VMG11106 25-03-1989 5ft 10in LLB Pune Advocate
VMG11104 10-05-1988 5ft 08in LLM Solapur Advocate
VMG11102 09-05-1991 5ft 08in M Tech (Tele Communication Engineering) Pune Network Engineer at Wipro Infotech
VMG11099 24-11-1992 5ft 07in BE (Computer Engineering) Mumbai Suburban At Reserve bank of India
VMG11094 20-06-1985 5ft 05in MBA, B Com Pune Manager at ICICI Bank
VMG11090 08-03-1989 6ft 01in BE (IT) Satara Senior Software Engineer at AppOn Software Pvt Ltd
VMG11085 16-07-1987 5ft 10in Bachelor of Hotel Management Pune Job
VMG11077 07-11-1989 5ft 08in B Com Pune Assistant Manager Operations
VMG11072 15-08-1990 5ft 11in MBA in Finance and International Business Pune Working at Sharda Group
VMG11055 19-05-1991 5ft 09in BE Mechanical Engineer Pune Job
VMG11054 22-02-1985 6ft 04in BE Electronics Pune Project Manager
VMG11053 29-08-1988 5ft 11in BE (Instrumentation & Control) Pune Project Engineer in MNC (Oil & Gas) Organisation
VMG11052 26-09-1989 5ft 08in BE Mechanical Pune At DANA India Technical Centre
VMG11048 11-01-1986 5ft 07in BCS Pune SAP Consultant
VMG11047 03-01-1989 5ft 03in BE, MS (Sensors System) Nashik Software Engineer at Bosch, Germany
VMG11046 18-10-1989 5ft 03in Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Pune Sr Officer at Wika Instruments India Pvt Ltd
VMG11045 03-04-1985 5ft 05in MCA Pune Job at IBM Company
VMG11041 10-03-1990 5ft 07in MBA (Marketing), MCA Sangli Relationship Officer at PNB Housing Finance Ltd
VMG11037 04-07-1989 5ft 09in BE IT Pune Job at MNC
VMG11031 13-06-1988 5ft 07in B Com, LLB, CS (Final) Pune Job
VMG11021 27-11-1989 5ft 06in B Sc (Computer Science) Pune Job in MNC IT Company
VMG11014 25-05-1990 5ft 04in MBA, BCA Pune Secretary, Kakade-Deshmukh Shikshan Santha, Pune
VMG11012 04-05-1986 5ft 07in B Sc Pune PSI, Police Sub-Inspector, Maharashtra Police, Navi Mumbai
VMG11006 09-01-1987 5ft 11in B Tech Pune Manager, OEM
VMG10997 19-03-1986 6ft 00in MBBS, FICC Kolhapur Hospital
VMG10985 11-05-1987 5ft 03in BE (Mechanical) Nashik Senior Design Engineer with Emerson Network Power Pvt Ltd
VMG10984 01-09-1988 5ft 10in MBBS, DOMS Satara Govt Employee
VMG10981 17-09-1990 5ft 09in BE (E&TC), ME (E&TC) Pune IT Software Business
VMG10976 14-11-1991 5ft 07in BHMS, PGEMS Nashik Practice
VMG10964 06-04-1982 5ft 06in M Tech Pune Business - Software Development
VMG10963 05-02-1994 5ft 08in BE (Mechanical) Pune Educational Institutes, Hotel Business
VMG10962 23-06-1991 5ft 05in Civil Engineering (Diploma) Pune Job at Pandit Javadekar Constructions
VMG10960 16-10-1989 5ft 11in BE (Chemical) Thane Job at Honeywell Automotion India Ltd
VMG10959 02-10-1986 5ft 10in BE, MS (Mechanical Engineering) Pune Business
VMG10956 19-02-1992 5ft 07in BE (Mechanical), ME (Design), PGPBA Nashik Senior Executive at Schott Kaishya
VMG10954 31-01-1986 5ft 06in BE (Computer), Business Marketing (Netherlands) Pune Associate Product Marketing Manager at SDL Company, Netherlands
VMG10938 13-06-1989 5ft 05in BE (Mechanical) Kolhapur Design Engineer
VMG10926 30-12-1987 6ft 00in BE (E&TC) Raigad Job at India Steel Company
VMG10918 03-01-1993 5ft 07in Mechanical Engineer (Diploma) Mumbai Suburban Junior Engineer at Forbes Ltd
VMG10915 15-09-1990 5ft 04in BBA, MBA (Pursuing) Pune Job at Real Estate Company
VMG10908 30-01-1990 5ft 06in B Tech (Computer Science) Pune Software Engineer
VMG10906 19-01-1991 5ft 08in MBA (Marketing) Pune Sales Executive at Nirman Developers
VMG10904 23-12-1986 5ft 09in BE (Mechanical), DAE Kolhapur Senior Engineer
VMG10900 07-05-1990 5ft 07in BAMS, MD (Pediatrics) Kolhapur Practice at Own Clinic
VMG10899 18-11-1988 5ft 10in BE (Mechanical), MBA Nashik Business
VMG10893 02-04-1987 5ft 06in MCA Satara Software Engineer
VMG10887 03-03-1988 5ft 07in MBA (HR) Kolhapur Job at Software Quality System
VMG10870 17-12-1987 5ft 11in BE (Mechanical) Mumbai-City Design Engineer
VMG10869 09-12-1990 5ft 07in BE (Mechanical), DME Kolhapur Job at Eaton Technologies Pvt Ltd
VMG10866 23-12-1988 5ft 05in BCA Pune Senior Technician at Benelec Infotech Pvt Ltd
VMG10864 18-03-1991 5ft 11in Chartered Accountant Pune Chartered Accountant at MNC
VMG10854 12-06-1987 6ft 00in BE (E&TC), MBA Mumbai Suburban Deputy Manager
VMG10848 28-09-1989 5ft 08in BE (E&TC) Kolhapur Senior System Engineer at Infosys Technologies Ltd
VMG10841 08-12-1989 5ft 09in BE (Mechanical), MBA Kolhapur Assistant Manager Development
VMG10840 05-02-1987 5ft 08in B Arch Kolhapur Architecture Practice & Business
VMG10835 04-07-1990 5ft 11in BBM (International Business) Pune Job at Trinity Motor, Mercedez Benze Company
VMG10822 13-11-1988 5ft 05in BE, MBA Pune Job
VMG10820 29-12-1987 5ft 11in BE Civil Engineering Thane Senior Engineer Construction Management
VMG10817 11-04-1992 5ft 08in BE (IT), MBA (Pursuing) Pune Business
VMG10811 23-04-1992 5ft 10in Diploma Engineering Kolhapur Business (Builder & Real Estate)
VMG10805 17-08-1988 5ft 06in MBA (Supply Chain Management) Mumbai-City Senior Purchase & Logistic Executive
VMG10800 08-02-1986 5ft 11in B Sc Thane Senior Software Engineer
VMG10799 30-08-1985 5ft 11in MBA, M Com, B Ed Pune Job at Tetra Pack Company Ltd
VMG10794 15-12-1988 5ft 08in MBA Kolhapur Branch Manager at Maharashtra Times, Kolhapur
VMG10790 15-05-1990 5ft 06in BE, ME (Computer) Nashik Job at Capgemini India Pvt Ltd
VMG10781 28-09-1990 5ft 04in B Com, CEH Thane Information Security Analyst
VMG10771 26-03-1987 5ft 06in BAMS, MD (Medicine) Pune Own Hospital
VMG10770 10-02-1988 5ft 07in MBBS, MD (Pathology) Satara Practice
VMG10768 09-08-1992 5ft 09in BE (Mechanical) Pune Job at Veda Engineering Pvt Ltd
VMG10760 01-07-1988 6ft 01in BE (Mechanical) Kolhapur Assistant Manager at Godrej Pvt Ltd
VMG10753 11-05-1989 5ft 04in B Com Pune Job
VMG10749 15-03-1988 5ft 08in M Sc (Agri) Sangli Assistant Manager at Union Bank of India
VMG10748 01-09-1988 5ft 06in M Sc (Organic Chemistry) Ratnagiri Junior Executive at PI Industries
VMG10744 24-07-1985 5ft 08in BE (Civil) Dharwad Job at B L Kashyap Sons Pvt Ltd
VMG10739 30-05-1988 5ft 09in B Com Pune Job at Union Bank Of Switzerland
VMG10737 31-03-1988 5ft 07in M Sc (Statistics) Pune Job
VMG10732 13-03-1990 5ft 06in MBA Sangli Wholesale Pesticide Business
VMG10728 10-03-1993 5ft 04in BE (E&TC) Sangli Owner at Electrical Control Panel Manufacturers
VMG10725 28-10-1993 6ft 00in BAMS, MBA Appeared Nashik
VMG10720 26-06-1986 5ft 03in BDS Doctor Mumbai-City Practice
VMG10719 26-06-1992 5ft 07in M Tech (IIT Bombay) Kolhapur Junior Manager at JSW Pvt Ltd
VMG10716 24-01-1989 5ft 08in BE Polymer Engineer Ratnagiri Business
VMG10714 11-06-1985 5ft 10in MCM Pune Job at IL & FS Pvt Ltd
VMG10713 27-08-1987 5ft 07in B Pharma Thane Job
VMG10706 05-10-1991 6ft 00in B Sc Pune Collection Manager at Bajaj Finserv Ltd
VMG10704 02-01-1988 5ft 07in LLB, B Com Pune Job at ASA Business Services Pvt Ltd
VMG10702 04-06-1987 5ft 10in B Sc, M Sc (Chemistry), PhD Solapur Project Assistant in IISER Pune
VMG10696 22-09-1990 5ft 06in BE Mechanical Engineer Kolhapur Business
VMG10693 25-08-1992 5ft 05in BE Mechanical Engineer Kolhapur Job at Aquarious Engineers Pvt Ltd
VMG10688 02-07-1990 5ft 08in BE Electronics Engineer Thane Embedded Developer, IT
VMG10679 18-01-1989 5ft 10in PGDBM Ebiz Marketing Thane Senior Consultant
VMG10663 18-11-1992 6ft 01in BE (IT) Pune Job at Infosys
VMG10660 25-11-1991 5ft 11in BE (Civil), ME Pune Assistant Professor at Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engg
VMG10658 15-01-1989 5ft 05in B Com Pune Production Manager at DNS Creative Products
VMG10656 01-10-1989 5ft 08in BE (E&TC) Nashik Senior Engineer at HFCL
VMG10653 15-12-1990 5ft 10in BE (E&TC), B Sc (Computer Science) Kolhapur Job at Reliance Jio Infocom Pvt Ltd
VMG10651 13-01-1988 5ft 10in B Sc (Hotel Management & Tourism) Mumbai-City Job at Reliance Industries Pvt Ltd
VMG10649 08-09-1990 5ft 08in B Sc (Computer Science) Mumbai-City Job at SS Agency World India Pvt Ltd
VMG10646 08-06-1988 5ft 06in M Com & PGDBM (Finance) Nashik Commercial Executive at Jindal Poly Films Limited
VMG10641 22-04-1985 5ft 10in BE Amravati Job
VMG10635 12-02-1985 5ft 07in B Com Pune Service
VMG10634 11-03-1990 5ft 05in MCA Pune Software Developer
VMG10632 31-05-1987 5ft 06in B Sc, M Sc (Chemistry) Kolhapur Job
VMG10631 05-09-1989 5ft 07in BE Computer, MBA (Pursuing) Nashik Software Engineer at FIS (MNC)
VMG10630 17-06-1991 5ft 09in BE Mechanical Sangli Senior Engineer in Technology Center for Automotive MNC
VMG10626 20-02-1988 5ft 08in Diploma Engineering in Industrial Electronics Satara Working as Engineer in Ford India Ltd
VMG10625 28-02-1989 5ft 08in B Sc (Computer Science) Kolhapur Support Engineer at Manorama Infosolutions Pvt Ltd
VMG10624 21-11-1993 5ft 10in B Sc (Chemistry) Pune Junior Manager in Chemical Company
VMG10621 23-09-1989 5ft 09in BE, ME (Computer Engineer) Kolhapur Assistant Professor at Bharati Vidyapeeth, Kolhapur
VMG10615 01-02-1989 5ft 10in BE Nashik Screenwriter, Director, Actor
VMG10614 19-05-1989 5ft 11in BA Kolhapur Working at Sunbeam Infocom Pvt Ltd (MKCL LLC)
VMG10607 03-03-1990 5ft 07in MCA Ahmednagar Job
VMG10602 23-01-1989 5ft 07in B Tech, PGDBM (Marketing) Pune Software Engineer at Cognizant Pune
VMG10600 28-03-1988 5ft 10in Diploma Engineering Pune Network Specialist in Infosys, Pune
VMG10596 24-02-1987 5ft 08in B Com, LLB (Pursuing) Pune Job at Software Company
VMG10594 31-08-1989 5ft 08in M Sc (Computer) Pune Senior System Engineer
VMG10588 22-10-1988 5ft 10in MBA Pune Job at Kalyani Group, Pune
VMG10584 06-11-1988 5ft 08in MBBS, DNB Pune Practice
VMG10571 05-03-1990 5ft 11in MCS Pune Job
VMG10566 21-04-1989 5ft 08in M Com, CCNA, CCNP, Netwoking Diploma Pune Assistant Engineer at Vodafone India
VMG10562 23-05-1991 5ft 09in Web & Multimedia Designing and Oracle Pune Job at Impulse Technologies & Business Solution
VMG10546 28-04-1991 5ft 08in BE Computer Satara Software Engineer
VMG10538 18-03-1988 5ft 10in BE (IT), MBA Pune SAP Consultant at Wipro, Bangalore
VMG10537 09-05-1991 5ft 06in B Sc (Agri), MBA Pune Job at Axis Bank
VMG10534 25-01-1988 6ft 02in BA, PGDBM (MBA) Ahmednagar Manager
VMG10533 23-11-1987 5ft 08in M Com Mumbai-City Software Associate
VMG10522 16-01-1985 5ft 08in MA Pune Permanent Employee at Tata Yazaki
VMG10516 22-11-1987 5ft 08in MS Pune Software Developer Level 2, Washington, USA
VMG10514 12-12-1989 5ft 09in MA Pune Sales Manager at HBD Finance Co Ltd
VMG10501 08-09-1989 5ft 10in BE E&TC Pune Job at TCS
VMG10498 12-09-1990 6ft 00in BE (Mech), LLB Pune Practicing Lawyer & Business
VMG10497 13-05-1987 5ft 08in MBBS, MD, DNB Ahmednagar Practice
VMG10495 07-06-1989 5ft 08in BE (Mechanical) Pune Sales Engineer
VMG10494 10-01-1993 5ft 07in MA Solapur Teacher
VMG10491 19-11-1988 5ft 08in BE Pune Job
VMG10485 10-05-1986 5ft 08in BE Computer Pune Software Professional
VMG10482 27-11-1988 5ft 07in BAMS, Master in Pharmaceutical Medicine Pune Senior CRA in Quintiles
VMG10481 04-09-1992 5ft 11in B Tech, Pursuing MBA Thane Sales Engineer at Navnit Motors
VMG10480 30-12-1989 5ft 07in B Tech Pune Bharat Forge Ltd, Pune
VMG10476 01-02-1992 5ft 07in BE (Mechanical) Beed Job at State Bank of India
VMG10473 30-08-1984 5ft 07in BE (E&TC), MBA (Stratergy & Marketing) Pune Product Manager at NYMI Toronto, Canada
VMG10471 17-09-1990 5ft 03in BCA, MBA (Finance) Osmanabad Accountant at Tata Sterling Motors Pvt Ltd
VMG10462 15-11-1986 5ft 09in B Com, MBA (Finance) Pune Job at Punjab & Maharashtra Co-Op Bank Ltd
VMG10461 03-07-1991 5ft 06in B Com Pune Accountant at Safety Pvt Ltd
VMG10453 15-09-1986 5ft 10in B Com, Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Pune Job at WNS
VMG10449 09-11-1988 5ft 10in MCS Pune Service
VMG10444 28-03-1987 5ft 09in MBA (Finance) Pune Senior Analyst at Northern Trust
VMG10442 07-08-1989 5ft 08in MDS Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics Palghar Practitioner and Consulting Orthodontist
VMG10431 28-08-1987 5ft 10in B Sc (Agri), MBA Ahmednagar Assistant Technology Manager
VMG10428 30-05-1990 5ft 08in BE Mechanical Engineering (III Year), MA Ahmednagar Probationary Officer at Syndicate Bank
VMG10425 23-02-1988 5ft 09in BE in Computer Engineering Ahmednagar Engineer at Amdox, Pune
VMG10414 09-06-1989 5ft 06in B Sc (Computer Science), MCM Pune Job at Red Hat India Software Ltd
VMG10407 20-07-1988 5ft 08in BE Mechanical Pune Assistant Manager at TATA FICOSA Hinjewadi
VMG10406 23-06-1989 5ft 05in B Sc (Agri), MMM Pune Business, Web Designer & Developer, Digital Marketing
VMG10403 07-01-1989 5ft 08in BE Civil Ahmednagar Associate Consultant
VMG10395 07-09-1989 5ft 07in B Tech Pune Senior Engineer in Engineers India Ltd (Govt of India PSU)
VMG10389 15-10-1988 5ft 11in BA Thane Indian Army (ASC)
VMG10385 23-06-1987 5ft 07in B Com Pune Business
VMG10383 18-02-1987 5ft 09in BE Mechanical, Diploma in Automobiles Raigad Job
VMG10376 10-05-1990 5ft 09in Mechanical Engineering Diploma, PGDBM Marketing Pune Senior Engineer Application and Sales
VMG10366 21-06-1989 5ft 10in B Com, MBA Finance Pune Job at Dravya Financial Solutions Pvt Ltd
VMG10360 19-02-1985 5ft 08in B Com Pune Job
VMG10357 20-05-1988 5ft 08in BE (E&TC), MBA Pune Business Development Executive
VMG10347 23-08-1991 6ft 01in BE (E&TC), MBA (Operations) Pune Job in MNC
VMG10346 21-02-1988 5ft 08in MBA Pune Working as an Operation Head with Max Brand, Pune
VMG10338 18-10-1990 5ft 07in M Com Pune Job in Company as IT Technical Support
VMG10330 12-11-1988 5ft 07in MBBS, MS (Surgery) Ahmednagar Practice
VMG10328 19-04-1988 5ft 07in MBBS Pune Job at YCM Hospital, Pimpri Chinchwad
VMG10319 29-05-1986 5ft 08in MCA, B Sc Pune Senior Solution Developer at Tata Technologies Pvt Ltd
VMG10313 05-12-1992 6ft 02in MBBS, (Preparing for PG) Pune Practice
VMG10312 14-02-1988 5ft 08in BE Civil Engineer Pune Job
VMG10308 09-08-1986 5ft 08in M Sc, MBA Kolhapur Business
VMG10305 18-06-1987 5ft 10in MCA, B Sc Pune Job
VMG10294 26-07-1986 5ft 07in B Sc (Agri), MMS Pune Job in Banking Sector
VMG10293 26-09-1987 5ft 03in B Com Pune Job
VMG10287 08-08-1985 5ft 06in Diploma in Hotel Management, Digital Marketing Pune Service
VMG10286 15-02-1990 5ft 08in BE Mechanical Engineering Pune Working with Hyundai Motor India Ltd
VMG10282 23-08-1988 5ft 07in BE, ME (Mechanical Engineering Technical Mgmt) Sindudurg Project Planner, Germany
VMG10281 12-10-1987 6ft 01in BDS Thane Own Clinic Practice
VMG10280 12-06-1990 5ft 10in BE Mechanical Design Raigad Production Head at Ultra Engineers
VMG10279 25-10-1986 5ft 06in BA Pune Senior Executive at Kotak Mahindra Finance
VMG10276 12-10-1990 5ft 10in BHMS, PGDEMS Solapur Practice
VMG10275 16-03-1988 5ft 08in BCS Pune Quality Analyst in MNC
VMG10274 17-05-1985 5ft 06in BE (E&TC) Mumbai Suburban Software Engineer at Polaris Consulting Services, Mumbai
VMG10273 01-06-1984 5ft 10in B Sc Computer Science Pune Computer Business, Cybertech Computers, Baramati
VMG10271 22-07-1987 5ft 09in B Com, M Com Pune Job at Manisha Engineers Pvt Ltd
VMG10267 11-01-1987 5ft 09in DIploma in Mechanical Engineering Pune Service
VMG10263 28-10-1987 5ft 10in MBA Finance, B Com, DTL Pune Staff Accountant at BMC Software Ptv Ltd
VMG10262 27-10-1987 6ft 01in B Com, Software Diploma Pune Transport Business
VMG10253 09-11-1987 5ft 08in B Sc (Industrial Chemistry) Pune Assistant Project Manager at Wagons Learning for Tata Motors
VMG10252 11-07-1991 5ft 07in B Sc Ahmednagar Job at Sulzer India Pvt Ltd, Pune
VMG10247 20-09-1988 5ft 06in BE Electrical Pune Job
VMG10238 20-09-1986 5ft 04in B Com Pune Job as Loan Verification Officer at HDFC Bank
VMG10228 02-04-1983 5ft 08in B Com Pune Permanent Incharge at First Flight Pvt Ltd
VMG10219 16-03-1988 5ft 09in Master in Personnel Management Pune Service
VMG10218 15-01-1988 5ft 03in MCA Pune Working as Software Engineer
VMG10216 07-08-1987 5ft 11in BA Mumbai-City Library Clerk
VMG10211 30-01-1993 5ft 09in B Tech E&TC Solapur Job at Cap Gemini Company
VMG10209 20-05-1987 5ft 10in BE (IT) Pune Job at TCS Pune
VMG10198 23-03-1992 5ft 08in BBA, PGDBA Pune Businessman
VMG10189 14-05-1984 5ft 05in MBA, B Com Pune Business
VMG10186 04-09-1987 5ft 06in BE Mechanical, Pursuing ME in Design Solapur Lecturer
VMG10183 25-03-1989 5ft 10in LLM Pune Lawyer
VMG10180 09-09-1988 5ft 07in B Sc (Computer Sciences) Pune Job at International Courier
VMG10178 22-04-1989 6ft 00in BCA, B Com, MBA (Finance) Pune Job at Infosys
VMG10177 28-04-1990 5ft 05in B Com Aurangabad Job
VMG10174 02-10-1987 5ft 06in MBA Finance Pune Product Manager, Smith & Nephew
VMG10170 24-10-1992 5ft 11in M Com Satara Accounts Executive at Privilege Industries Pvt, Ltd. Lonand
VMG10164 04-06-1984 5ft 08in M Sc (Agri), PhD (Genetics & Plant Breeding) Parbhani Research Scientist
VMG10159 29-07-1985 5ft 06in B Com Pune Job, Finanace Executive at Ideal Finance Company Ltd
VMG10158 07-11-1988 5ft 11in BE (IT) Pune Job at IT Company. Now in America.
VMG10155 16-07-1980 5ft 11in BE, MS Pune Engineer at Laing O' Rourke, Brisbane, Australia
VMG10151 16-11-1986 5ft 06in B Com Pune Service at Shri Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Sansthan Committee, Alandi
VMG10148 20-07-1989 5ft 08in BCS, MBA Pune Service. Manager in IT Company, Baner, Pune
VMG10146 15-08-1991 5ft 03in BA Ahmednagar Job at Yazaki India Ptv Ltd, Ranjangaon
VMG10142 07-09-1990 5ft 10in M Com Pune Job, IBM Server Engineer
VMG10141 28-07-1988 5ft 06in B Com, Computer Diploma Pune Computer Company Employee
VMG10140 02-07-1988 5ft 08in B Sc (Chemistry), MA (Political Science) Nanded Police Sub Inspector
VMG10139 21-08-1989 5ft 05in BE Pune Service in Private sector
VMG10138 08-12-1987 5ft 10in Diploma (Electrical Engineering), BE (Appear) Pune Job, Sr. Engineer in MNC
VMG10136 22-01-1984 5ft 02in B Com Raigad Buisness
VMG10132 02-08-1986 5ft 04in PhD Pune Research Assistant, Australia
VMG10130 03-02-1989 5ft 08in Graduation Solapur Optical Shop and Farming
VMG10128 06-11-1985 5ft 07in M Sc (IT), MBA Finance Nanded Job in Share Market Company
VMG10118 01-04-1985 5ft 08in B Tech Latur Marine Engineer
VMG10117 15-11-1988 5ft 10in B Com Mumbai-City Mumbai Police
VMG10111 08-11-1990 5ft 06in Diploma Engineering Pune Job in Klaus Mutiparking Pvt Ltd, Pune
VMG10110 19-02-1982 5ft 07in Diploma in Chemical Engineering Pune Real Estate
VMG10108 14-04-1982 5ft 06in D Pharmacy Nashik Medical Representative
VMG10105 07-09-1989 5ft 06in MBBS, DGO Pune
VMG10098 25-09-1989 5ft 04in BE Computer Ahmednagar Job, Client IBM, Pune
VMG10097 27-07-1981 5ft 05in LLB Pune
VMG10096 31-05-1983 5ft 07in BA Political Science Solapur Job in Pune
VMG10094 14-10-1987 5ft 06in Post Graduation in Multi Media Pune Graphic Designer in IT Company
VMG10092 17-10-1988 5ft 09in BE IT, ME Computer Aurangabad Job at United Arab Shipping Company (Diera, Dubai UAE)
VMG10091 27-11-1985 5ft 09in M Com Pune Accounts Officer at Toyam India Pvt Ltd
VMG10088 09-02-1991 5ft 10in Interior Designer Pune Interior Designer
VMG10081 02-06-1987 5ft 11in MBA Marketing Management Nashik Job as Business Development Manager
VMG10076 30-07-1983 5ft 11in B.com Pune Business
VMG10074 04-02-1981 5ft 04in Graduation Pune Job
VMG10073 23-12-1988 5ft 08in BE (E&TC) Pune Job
VMG10072 14-02-1982 6ft 03in Diploma in Automobile Engineering Pune Business
VMG10071 19-09-1989 6ft 00in BCA, D Pharmacy Pune Job
VMG10070 15-06-1984 5ft 05in B Com Pune Business Owner at OMSAI Enterprises
VMG10069 12-02-1983 5ft 11in M Com Pune Service
VMG10067 14-12-1985 5ft 11in Veterinary Diploma DFM & AH Pune Veterinary Doctor, Owner of Software Firm & other Businesses
VMG10064 17-08-1986 5ft 07in MBA Pune
VMG10062 01-06-1986 5ft 06in B Com Pune Service, Central Railway
VMG10055 28-12-1988 5ft 05in BPE, BPEd Aurangabad Sports Teacher, Dombivali
VMG10053 28-05-1987 6ft 00in BE (Mechanical Engineer) Aurangabad Job at Bosch, Pune
VMG10047 21-06-1987 5ft 08in B Com Pune Job (Service Engineer)
VMG10046 10-06-1985 5ft 06in BA in Economics Pune Team Leader
VMG10043 19-10-1984 5ft 10in B Sc Pune
VMG10042 21-07-1988 5ft 10in BE, MBA Nashik Working With Amphenol, Pune
VMG10038 13-05-1991 5ft 10in B Sc, Diploma in Web Designing and Animation Osmanabad Business
VMG10034 25-05-1987 5ft 07in B.SC, B.ED Osmanabad Medical Job
VMG10031 21-10-1987 5ft 07in MBA, PG Diploma in Jewellery & Diamond Manufacturi Parbhani Assistant Professor
VMG10026 17-04-1986 6ft 00in Post Graduation Solapur Assistant Professor
VMG10020 27-06-1980 5ft 06in B Com Pune Job in Private Company
VMG10018 22-11-1987 5ft 08in CA Pune
VMG10015 23-07-1986 5ft 08in M.Com, Diploma in Taxation Law, Accounting & Audit Pune Accounts Manager
VMG10012 01-03-1991 5ft 09in Mechanical Engineer Pune Service
VMG10007 01-08-1990 5ft 11in B com, LLB, LLM, DBL Ahmednagar Manager HDFC legal
VMG10001 01-01-1995 5ft 05in BE Civil Pune Govt Job
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